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Pick Your Poison: Seasonal Beer & Wine Tasting October 30th, 2013

Untitled-1It’s already obvious that we love fall over at Constantino’s, but really why wouldn’t you? It’s a brief respite between the summer heat and winter cold snap, football season, some of the year’s best food, and of course halloween!

We’d like to invite everyone to come and join us on the evening of Wednesday, October 30th for our next tasting event; Pick Your Poison! We’ll have a variety of halloween and fall inspired food, wine, and this time beer.

Purchase your tickets in advance for only $10 by RSVPing to Stacey Hill via email at or phone at (216) 721-6000. If you forget to purchase in advance don’t worry, you can always show up for the event and pay $12 at the door. We look forward to seeing you all with us again!

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Recap: Autumn Wine & Tapas Tasting

BLOG 4We’d like to thank everyone that came out to our Autumn Wine & Tapas Tasting last Wednesday evening! Good food and drinks were had by all in attendance.

The event featured some of our favorite wines we carry alongside some spectacular finger foods created by our great chefs. Three specialists were pouring a selection of twelve different wines that catered to a variety of preferences, tastes, and budgets. The spread of food included a selection of cheese, crackers and fresh-made salsa among a few other other finger foods.

BLOG 3If you have any questions or want to follow up about last week’s event feel free to reach out to Stacey Hill via e-mail at for more information. Stay tuned for more information on our next tasting event, we hope to see everyone here again! Head over to our FaceBook page to check out some more photos.

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Summer Wine Tasting Thursday August 8 2013

Sun + Patio + Wine + Complimentary Food = Summer Fun! Join the growing crowds for our Thursday Wine Tasting Series “Summertime Sips on the Patio” as we have 15-20 wines to taste from, and delicious complimentary appetizers. Full info HERE.

Come on out and enjoy yourself this summer!


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Summer Wine Tasting July 11, 2013

Looking to add fun to the sun this summer? What’s more fun in the summer than wine tasting on a patio? Join us this Thursday July 11th 5-8pm and choose to taste for many wines. Complimentary FREE food for our guests!  Full details HERE.

Try 13 different wines for only $3.00. Or try all 20 wines for $5.00…Come on out and enjoy yourself this week.


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Live Music This Friday June 14, 2013

Free Live Music again this Friday evening June 14th, 5:30-7:00pm. The phenomenal playing of Gary Dacanay – guitar/singer Renee Matthews – violin performing a jazz act for 90 minutes. Come join us! Check out the  Poster for the event.

If you missed last week, you missed a member of the world famous Cleveland Orchestra playing on our mezzanine, shown here.


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Wine Tasting Dinner May 8,2013, RSVP soon!

Come and join Constantino’s Market Uptown at University Circle and Euro Fine Wines when they present an Ode to Spring Wine Dinner event featuring five Certified Byodynamic Maysara Pinots with a five course Farm to Table Menu created by Chef Michael Fadel featuring produce from Case Western Reserve University’s Squire Valleevue Farm. Seating is limited, so RSVP early.

For more information, or to RSVP call 216-721-6000 x223, or email .

wine dinner  (PDF poster)


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Isn’t it all Champagne?

It’s New Year’s Eve, and everyone wants some Champagne! Here’s a quick guide for you to pick the right one to enjoy the evening:

Isn’t it All Champagne?

Just as some wines and cheeses are only produced in a specific geographic area, only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France can be officially labeled “Champagne.” Other European countries use other names for the sparkling wine they produce: Cava in Spain, Prosecco, Asti or Spumante in Italy and Sekt in Germany. Bubblies from California, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the several wine-producing countries of South America are generally referred to as simply sparkling wine or sparklers.

Do I Have to Get the Expensive Stuff?

It’s true, champagne can be pricey.  Some argue that it is worth spending the extra cash for “real” Champagne, while others prefer lower-priced alternatives.  There’s not a right or wrong answer here –it comes down to a matter of personal choice.   Constantino’s Market associates are happy to offer their recommendations to fit your preferred flavor profile and budget!

Why Does Sparkling Wine… Sparkle?

Unless it says otherwise on the bottle, all champagne and most domestic sparklers are composed of three grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and the less often used varietal Pinot Meunier. The bubbles are created through a process called “secondary fermentation,” which means they make regular wine first and then re-ferment it with yeast left in the bottle (which is filtered out later). This is why you’ll often get a fresh-baked bread aroma from bubbly.

How Do I Choose?

Here are a few basic terms to help narrow your search to match your taste preferences.

  • Brut: The driest one, not to be confused with “Extra Dry,” which, funnily enough, is not as dry as Brut. Brut is the most food-friendly of champagnes. The smoky, salty nature of caviar makes for a classic match. For everyday occasions, try potato latkes and sour cream or any number of salty delights.
  • Extra Dry: A touch of fruity sweetness but finishes on a dry note. These are quite versatile and can be served as an apertif or after dinner. They’re more or less in the middle of the spectrum.
  • Sec: Next in line for dryness, but you don’t see it very often.
  • Demi-sec: The most residual sugar of the bunch (outside of Doux, which is rare). This is the ultimate dessert wine and, perhaps, the most romantic of the bunch. Never sweet in a cloying way, these have a caramelized quality that is absolutely delicious. Avoid pairing these with fare that is sweeter than the wine, as the bubbly will come off harsh and dry. Fresh fruit works best.
  • Blanc de Blanc: This bubbly is made from 100% Chardonnay. The Chardonnay grape lends sparkling wine its toasty, nutty and rich quality.
  • Blanc de Noir: This bubbly is made from mostly Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir grape gives it the refreshing, fruit driven, citrus quality.


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Wassail, Wassail with Holiday Wine, Bubbly & Ale

You there… done any wassailing yet? The holidays are in full swing. Time for eating and drinking and all-around merriment. And most likely a lot of it. Coincidentally that’s right up our alley. We’re a market – the holidays are our jam!  Constantino’s has your back with a fine assortment of bottles and brews for the assist.

Our extensive wine selection is curated by years of vested interest in the subject of merrymaking with unique wines that complement holiday foods and make for really fun parties. Check out all of the really luscious and interesting vintages we’ve enjoyed with our own friends and families over the years.

From bright, crisp bubbly and buttery whites, to complex, velvety or jolly reds – we’ve stocked some pretty stellar vintages at all different prices. They’ll accompany you quite nicely to that party you’re headed to.

And for super-busy or last-minute party people, how about popping your favorite bottle into one of our festive gift bags, throw in a nice aged cheese or two, and give to the gracious host. We even have holiday greeting cards to send along with.

Done… and… done! And to all a good night…

Here’s what we’re toasting with over here for the holidays, among our 1000-bottle roster of other fine wines. Cheers to you and yours!

Holiday Reds
Maipe Reserve Malbec 2010   14.99
Orin Swift Abstract 2011   29.99  (one of our favorites -along with the Prisoner!)
Chateau Naujan Lapereyre-2006   10.99

Holiday Whites
Varvaglione Moi Verdeca Vigne & Vini Puglia was 16.99, now 13.99
Newton Chardonnay 2011   23.49
Labaume Macon Villages 2009 Chardonnay   11.99

Holiday Champagne & Bubbly
Cortenova Prosecco Extra Dry   15.99
Veuve Cliquot Brut   was 62.99, now 56.99  (a must sip)

**Check out our gigundous beer cove, too – stocked with seasonal, regional and holiday craft brews from around the world.


Stay connected with for more food for thought, beverage talk and other interesting end enlightening conversations.

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Orin Swift wine tasting tonight! Nov. 28, 2012

Just in time for the holidays we are having a wine tasting featuring the acclaimed wines of Orin Swift.  The tasting is this evening Wednesday, December 5th 6-9:00 pm for $15 (includes a 2 oz taste of each wine antipasti, crudités). Enjoy The Prisoner, Abstract, Saldo, Papillon and the latest project, Locations E1 from winemaker Dave Phinney.

 This is a perfect opportunity to appreciate fantastic wines and relax with a group of friends on our beautiful mezzanine overlooking the market.  See you tonight! Remember, 10% of all case purchases.

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Hooray for Vacqueyras!

If you like good wines, and if you like good French wines, you’ll be happy with us! We brought in a nice Vacqueyras (Vah-keh-rahss) for your drinking pleasure. If you don’t know French wines, we’ll be happy to assist you in finding out more about them. The Colline St Jean 2010 was a pleasant find, and we are happy to share it with you.  You will like the full-bodied opulence of this wonderfully dense wine. We like to drink it, but it is also a good wine to buy and hold. If you typically  like the Cotes du Rhones, you will like this similar red wine from the same region in France. Stop in soon to try this wonderful bottle of wine, you will not be let down. And you will find yourself saying “Hooray for Vacqueyras!”
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